"Manages the incredible task of calling to mind the work of both David Lynch and Terrence Malick, whose styles you'd think might be mutually exclusive. Director Alistair Banks Griffin is definitely a name to watch, as is star Brady Corbet."
Damon Wise – Empire Online

"Announces the arrival of a new American indie talent in Alistair Banks Griffin (…) Visually ecstatic (…) in the direction of ultraminimalist Terrence Malick 'Two Gates of Sleep' is a luscious widescreen meditation on nature, death and Southern discomfort"
Jordan Mintzer – Variety

"Bressonian in approach and Malick-like in its use of the natural surroundings, Alistair Banks Griffin's 'Two Gates of Sleep' is a sublime film debut that reminds me of how David Gordon Green broke out with 'George Washington' a little more than a decade ago."
Eric Lavallee - IonCinema

"The handiest comparison—or maybe it's just a crutch—for describing Alistair Banks Griffin's spare brotherly drama 'Two Gates of Sleep' is to mention its similarities to the work of Terrence Malick. It certainly looks about as beautiful: The Mississippi-set account of two siblings hauling their mother's coffin through the wilderness to her final resting place owes plenty to expressive visuals that few first-time filmmakers dare to create. (…) There's an animalistic element of danger lurking beneath those angry eyes, and it meshes well with the movie's spectacular appearance. Each frame magnifies the isolated quality of Griffin's tale."
Eric Kohn – IndieWIRE

"A first film from American director Alistair Banks Griffin, 'Two Gates of Sleep' would draw its lineage from the universe of Terrence Malick."
Bruno Icher – Liberation (France)

"Influenced by the likes of Gus Van Sant, Alexander Sokurov and Bruno Dumont (…) 'Two Gates of Sleep' is stark and bold, defiantly an art film, its long times punctuated by spare, muscular edits (…) Griffin is undoubtedly a name to keep tags on."
Jamie Graham – Total Film

"A beautifully shot mood piece about two backwoodsmen brothers in America's Deep South."
David Gritten – The Daily Telegraph (UK)

"Aside from Gus Van Sant, there are few filmmakers in America making cinema like this today. It'll be fascinating to see how his obvious talents develop."
Jonathan Crocker – Love Film